Trees with Non-Invasive Roots in Australia

close up of tree with invasive roots

Trees with Non Invasive Roots in Australia

Trees can enhance your property’s curb appeal and give it a healthy, vibrant atmosphere. They can also beautify the overall landscape of your residential or commercial property. They clean the air we breathe, provide shade during summertime, and make homes for wildlife like birds, squirrels, bees, and butterflies.

However, while trees may give your property a lush look, they can also damage it. Their roots can block your drains and cause significant problems to your sewerage systems and water mains which may require sewer repairs.

How Can Trees Cause Damage?

Roots supply water to the trees, helping them grow and survive. As trees grow, their roots expand and search for water sources underground. Your water lines can become the primary sources of nutrients for these trees.

The roots can then break apart your pipelines, which causes severe damages to your main water system. If left untreated, the roots will grow within the pipes and cause damage. This damage can then result in blockage and even flooding.

Not All Trees Have Invasive Roots

It might distress you to know that tree roots problems in drains can damage your main water system, but not all trees do this type of harm.

Keep in mind that some trees pose no threat to your water system. Knowing what kind of trees to plant and where you should plant them can help you avoid a plumbing disaster.

While some trees don’t have invasive roots, you should stay mindful of where you place any tree or shrub. Choose a location farther away from your water mains, so the roots can’t access these pipes as easily.

By planting trees with non-invasive roots, you can continue to beautify your property without damaging your drainage system and therefor not needing  to hire a drain camera in Sydney.

What Trees Have Non-Invasive Roots?

With these top four trees with non-invasive roots, Australian homeowners can beautify their properties without worrying about drain trouble.

Coastal Golden Wattle

Coastal Golden Wattle is an Australian native shrub that spreads about 5 meters and has non-invasive roots. Their golden-yellow flowers make a bright addition to your landscape.


Feijoa is a type of fruit tree, also known as pineapple guava. Feijoas are considered non-invasive because they have a shallow root system. You will also love them for their pest-resistant qualities.

Apple Tree

This fruit-bearing tree makes a drainage-friendly landscape element in your property. Its roots are so contained that you can place apple trees only a few meters from the waterline.


Like the Coastal Golden Wattle, the azalea is more of a shrub than a tree. Most azaleas in Australia grow 1-2 meters tall, but some types can grow up to 20 meters. You will love the variety of colourful flowers that this tree offers. Azaleas can have pink, purple, red, yellow, and orange flowers.

Other Fruit Trees with Non-Invasive Roots in Australia

Cornelian-Cherry Dogwood: This slow-growing tree is native to Southern Europe and Southwestern Asia. It has lovely yellow flowers and thrives in Perth, Sydney, and other areas in the south. Cornelian-cherry dogwood produces berry-like fruits that make ideal food for birds. You can also use their fruit for preserves or sauces, similar to cranberry sauce.

Pawpaw or Papaya: If you are looking for something more tropical, go for pawpaw or papaya. Apart from having non-invasive roots, they produce healthy, delectable, orange-fleshed fruits that are rich in fibre and Vitamin C.

Kousa Dogwood: This tree is native to Korea, China, and Japan. Growing 8-12 meters, it has white leaves that resemble flowers. You can eat the fresh Kousa dogwood fruit, or you can ferment it to create wine.

Other Small Trees with Non-Invasive Roots in Australia

  • Crape Myrtle
  • Skyrocket Juniper
  • Japanese Maple
  • Hollywood Juniper
  • Fraser Photinia

Trees with Invasive Roots to Avoid

  • Australian Indigo
  • Golden Robinia
  • Poplar
  • Ficus
  • Camphor Laurel
  • Weeping Willow
  • Pride of Bolivia
  • Maple
  • Populus
  • Ash
  • Sycamore
  • Oak
  • Willow
  • Basswood
  • Tuliptree
  • Elm
  • Birch
  • Mulberry
  • Fig
  • Large Eucalyptus
  • Beech

What to Do for Root Invasion?

While you may not know for sure whether trees with invasive roots are damaging your property over time, you should still check or inspect your main water system. Performing regular checks and maintenance will help you avoid expensive repairs later.

If you think a tree on your property may be causing harm to your drainage system, reach out to Sydney Pipe Relining Experts right away. We can professionally monitor your pipes to see if tree roots have negatively affected your drainage system. We have the right tools and knowledge to solve any of your different plumbing issues, both tree-related and otherwise.

For more information regarding blocked drain repair, sewer pipe damage, and pipe relining, give our friendly team a call at pipe relining experts.