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Tips on How to Fix a Blocked Drain1

A blocked drain is a serious source of worry for many homeowners. What is there to like about seeing dirty water sitting in your sink anyway? Ordinarily, plumbers are called in to deal with problems of this sort.

But if you are not afraid of getting your hands soiled, there are actually a couple of things you can do to get your blocked drain fixed before resorting to the assistance of a professional. Read on to find out more or you can see the homepage to get in contact with a professional. 

Plunge the Drain

A plunger is a handy tool that is very useful when it comes to dealing with blocked drains or clogged toilets for such problems as roots in sewer pipes. But before using a plunger to free your drain at a problematic point, ensure that all other openings connected to the same drain are blocked. Fill the clogged basin with about 4 inches of water — enough to cover the plunger’s head, which is used to seal the opening of the drain.

Once this is done, start to plunge in and out repeatedly to gather enough force that can help eliminate whatever obstruction that may be holding back water. You may apply petroleum jelly to the lip of the plunger to ensure drain opening is better sealed for the process to be more effective. This procedure may have to be repeated 2-3 times before trying out something else. 

Work the Trap

You may want to consider working on the drain trap, if a plunger seems not to be delivering expected outcomes this is one of many Australian plumping problems. Remove the drain trap and place a bucket beneath it to collect the dirty water inside. Get a wire coat hanger and use the hook-like end to pull out clogs from the drain. Wash the trap with a stiff brush, soap and hot water before replacing it.

Snake the drain (how to unblock a drain outside?)images

If you are still not able to unclog your drain after cleaning the trap, it is time to try out a plumbing snake. A drain-and-trap auger is better suited for the purpose of dealing with a blocked drain. Insert the coil of wire into the drain and continue feeding it in until an obstruction is felt. You should continue to feed the snake in nevertheless, as what you may assume to be a clog may actually be a turning in the drain.

If it is indeed a real obstruction, the snake will eventually push through. This will be noticed through a drop in tension. Rotate the snake by cranking the handle and pull out the clog. It is helpful to have a bucket nearby because a huge chunk of dirty materials may be on the way. This may have to be repeated one or two more times until no obstruction is felt again.

Add Baking Soda and Vinegar

Add about half cup each of baking soda and vinegar to effectively dissolve fat deposits that may still be present in the drain after using a snake. Cover openings and allow the mixture sit for some minutes. Then flush out everything with slightly hoimgrest water.

If all these steps fail to help you fix your blocked drain, you should know that you have a tougher problem on your hand. A professional plumber should be consulted to efficiently get rid of the blocked drain problem. This is because the source of the problem is probably deep in the main line. It is unlikely that you have the expertise to handle such problems.

If blocked drains are something you are dealing with, or even worse, broken sewer pipes, you may need professional help. If your looking for pipe relining Sydney.

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