Service Locating

There are times when a dig may need to be made to carry out a repair work on your sewer lines. But you may find it a difficult task locating the exact position of your lines, even when you have access to official city blueprints. Not to worry.Pipe relining Sydney can help out.

Our service locating service can be quite useful to you in locating all conductive and mains services. This is possible with the aid of most up-to-date electronic locating and tracing equipment. This service is not only for locating sewer, storm water and water lines. It can also be used to locate and trace gas lines, telecommunications, fire services, electrical cable and transmission lines as well as other conductive services. Radio Detection Technology can help to accurately locate PVC, earthenware and other forms of non-metallic pipes so that causes of problems may be identified.

Pipe relining Sydney service locating removes the need for guesswork when locating all conductive and mains services. It saves you from the need for unnecessary digging or tearing up of a lawn, thereby helping to prevent having to spend significant amount of money on landscape renovation after a trial-and-error digging. Service locating also helps to make your project faster, as significant time is saved on locating services.

close up of black pipes in a corner with windows around

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