Root Cutting and Treatment

Tree roots are among the major culprits when drain or sewer pipe blockage is concerned. Mechanical root cutting helps to rid your pipeline of problematic roots to restore easy flow of waste water and materials. It is an easy and economical approach to eliminating roots in residential sewer, storm pipe and septic systems.

At Pipe relining Sydney , we possess the best tools to carry out a thorough and effective root cutting. An impressive range of specialised mechanical and chain cutting nozzles are used for this operation, with the aid of high pressure, high velocity water jets. High-pressure water of more than 4000PSI is used to clear away all roots and debris from pipes measuring as wide as 600mm in diameter.

A powerful and environmental friendly aquatic herbicide, Dichlobenil, is introduced into pipes after mechanical cutting. This treatment ensures all roots that may be left in there are eliminated and prevented from re-growing. Sydney h2o uses potent degreasing agents to wipe away grime and grease in the line. The active ingredient in these agents kills roots on contact and remains on pipe walls to impede root regrowth. Root treatment could even be all you need to eliminate root issues in cases where flow still occurs in the pipe.

We are also able to provide you with a maintenance program going forward. Annual treatments can help remove the need for mechanical root cutting.

close up of black pipes in a corner with windows around

If you have questions about our Root Cutting and Treatment service, please call us today so we can provide you a free consultation.