Preventative Maintenance

Prevention, many people would agree, is the best approach to combating potential issues. We agree with that view also at Sydney h2o Blasting. Preventative maintenance can reduce the vulnerability of your drainage system in the event of flooding. We are a leading provider of result-oriented pipeline maintenance programmes for residential, commercial, industrial and even public clients. We service several hundreds of customers every year across Sydney.

Our programmed maintenance services are apt for rental properties, shopping centres, big industrial locations and public facilities. They are ideal for high-risk systems, including ageing systems and systems subject to high human traffic, not well guarded against environmental hazards or regularly requiring call-outs for blockage removal.

With our drain camera inspection program, we can help property managers detect potential issues on time before they blow out of proportion. We also cleanse domestic sewers and storm water drains of debris and fat. Our de-silting service is ideal for keeping ducting, cable conduits, drains and sewers as well as process pipework in production settings in top-notch state and fully operational.

Pipe relining Sydney’s range of maintenance applications also include root cutting and treatment, gross pollutant trap cleaning, manhole and pit cleaning, and emergency remediation. We can help you design a regular and effective maintenance program according to your needs.

close up of pipe fittings in a room corner

If you have questions about our Preventative Maintenance service, please call us today so we can provide you a free consultation.