Leak Detection

Pipe relining Sydney can boast of significant expertise when it comes to effective leak detection devoid of destruction. Using the most modern technology in leak detection, we are able to detect the precise spots where there are water leaks under floors, in concrete slabs and in walls.

Our acoustic listening devices make it possible to pinpoint hidden locations where water leaks may be occurring. They enable us to easily detect leaks in obscure places such as hot and cold water systems, water distribution systems and fire services. Pipe relining Sydney Blasting also offers thorough video inspection service to help clients survey and identify likely defects in their sewer and storm-water lines, from 50mm in diameter to larger services. Specialised cameras are used to produce full-colour videos, which give results of inspections and are made available to clients in CD or DVD format.

We are also able to help you identify possible issues in your storm-water and sewer systems with state-of-the-art smoke testing equipment. This technique is a very efficient means of pinning down the source of storm water flow into your sewerage systems. This non-destructive procedure can help to identify damaged pipes, line breaks and cracks, amongst other. It is fitting for both simple and complex systems.

close up of black pipes in a corner with windows around

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