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Drain Rehabilitation and Pipe Lining Expert Services


At Pipe relining Sydney , we are experts in installation of Cured in Place (CIP) liners. Drain lining is the in-thing right now, as it offers an economical and more efficient approach to pipe repairs. This unique procedure makes complete and permanent structural repair possible without any significant disruption or excavations. Installation of drain lining can be done from a man hole to another or all the way to the main. Lining is suitable not only for residential locations, but also commercial and industrial settings.

Drain lining can help to prevent leakage of sewers thereby guarding against dangerous contamination. It assists in retarding harmful root growth, preventing erosion, repairing damaged stack pipes and enhancing sewer lines’ hydraulic efficiency. We are able to handle sectional repair and complete renovation to the best standards.

With our no-dig technology, the need for significant digging is eliminated, while damage to your property and garden is prevented. Time is saved on your project with the extent of digging greatly reduced. Resin curing time at Pipe relining Sydney  is up to 50 percent faster than the regular. This way you don’t need to put other important things on hold. The no-dig pipe and drain relining technology is also more environmental friendly than traditional approach to pipe repair. Perhaps, most importantly drain and pipe lining saves you money.

CCTV Drain Inspection and Reporting

Wondering what could be responsible for the blocked drain in your home? A closed-circuit television (CCTV) drain inspection will provide you the answers.


With state-of-the-art equipment at our disposal, Pipe relining Sydney  is able to help you carry out a thorough inspection of your drains or sewer lines. We are not the only one to see the results as you are allowed to see them for yourself on DVD, thanks to our powerful Wincan pipe inspection software. Video inspection enables you see the state of your drain and identify possible sources of problems inside it. It forms the basis of determining the need for blockage or debris removal, sewer cleaning, root cutting, manhole cleaning or other steps as may be considered necessary.

Drain camera inspection is available for domestic sewer and storm water lines measuring 50mm in diameter through to larger ones such as junction and manhole areas. Public facilities, industrial and commercials sites, and property managers especially need video inspection as part of their preventative maintenance measures.Pipe relining Sydney  has a programmed maintenance system with a view to making sure high-risk drainage and sewer systems perform as desired. This system are useful to facilities and properties managers in identifying issues on time and being proactive to avoid costly repairs.

Drain Cleaning

Pipe relining Sydney  is no novice when it comes to drain cleaning- already with more than 5 decades of business experience. We have provided this service to clients in different settings — residential, commercial and industrial — down the years. We serve several hundreds of clients every year across Sydney.

There are different factors that could cause drains to become blocked. But whatever the cause is in your case, Sydney h2o is here to help you deal with the problem. With access to modern technologies in the business, we are able to clear and clean pipes, drains and sewer lines seamlessly and effectively. Blockages are removed with the aid of truck-mounted water jet units supplying high pressure, high velocity water jets to break through obstructions. Mechanical root cutting is done when roots are found to have significantly intruded into your lines.

Your drain is again surveyed once the cleaning is completed to ensure all issues have been completely dealt with. Regular drain camera inspection is helpful to identify issues on time so as to take necessary corrective measures before the problems escalate. We can help with the drain camera inspection as well. This inspection will assist immensely in ensuring all is well with your drainage, storm water and sewer systems, while revealing any need for cleaning.

Root Cutting and Treatment

Tree roots are among the major culprits when drain or sewer pipe blockage is concerned. Mechanical root cutting helps to rid your pipeline of problematic roots to restore easy flow of waste water and materials. It is an easy and economical approach to eliminating roots in residential sewer, storm pipe and septic systems.

At Pipe relining Sydney , we possess the best tools to carry out a thorough and effective root cutting. An impressive range of specialised mechanical and chain cutting nozzles are used for this operation, with the aid of high pressure, high velocity water jets. High-pressure water of more than 4000PSI is used to clear away all roots and debris from pipes measuring as wide as 600mm in diameter.

A powerful and environmental friendly aquatic herbicide, Dichlobenil, is introduced into pipes after mechanical cutting. This treatment ensures all roots that may be left in there are eliminated and prevented from re-growing. Sydney h2o uses potent degreasing agents to wipe away grime and grease in the line. The active ingredient in these agents kills roots on contact and remains on pipe walls to impede root regrowth. Root treatment could even be all you need to eliminate root issues in cases where flow still occurs in the pipe.

We are also able to provide you with a maintenance program going forward. Annual treatments can help remove the need for mechanical root cutting.

Service Locating

There are times when a dig may need to be made to carry out a repair work on your sewer lines. But you may find it a difficult task locating the exact position of your lines, even when you have access to official city blueprints. Not to worry.Pipe relining Sydney  can help out.

Our service locating service can be quite useful to you in locating all conductive and mains services. This is possible with the aid of most up-to-date electronic locating and tracing equipment. This service is not only for locating sewer, storm water and water lines. It can also be used to locate and trace gas lines, telecommunications, fire services, electrical cable and transmission lines as well as other conductive services. Radio Detection Technology can help to accurately locate PVC, earthenware and other forms of non-metallic pipes so that causes of problems may be identified.

Pipe relining Sydney  service locating removes the need for guesswork when locating all conductive and mains services. It saves you from the need for unnecessary digging or tearing up of a lawn, thereby helping to prevent having to spend significant amount of money on landscape renovation after a trial-and-error digging. Service locating also helps to make your project faster, as significant time is saved on locating services.

Leak Detection

Pipe relining Sydney can boast of significant expertise when it comes to effective leak detection devoid of destruction. Using the most

images-2 modern technology in leak detection, we are able to detect the precise spots where there are water leaks under floors, in concrete slabs and in walls.

Our acoustic listening devices make it possible to pinpoint hidden locations where water leaks may be occurring. They enable us to easily detect leaks in obscure places such as hot and cold water systems, water distribution systems and fire services. Pipe relining Sydney Blasting also offers thorough video inspection service to help clients survey and identify likely defects in their sewer and storm-water lines, from 50mm in diameter to larger services. Specialised cameras are used to produce full-colour videos, which give results of inspections and are made available to clients in CD or DVD format.

We are also able to help you identify possible issues in your storm-water and sewer systems with state-of-the-art smoke testing equipment. This technique is a very efficient means of pinning down the source of storm water flow into your sewerage systems. This non-destructive procedure can help to identify damaged pipes, line breaks and cracks, amongst other. It is fitting for both simple and complex systems.

Preventative Maintenance

Prevention, many people would agree, is the best approach to combating potential issues. We agree with that view also at Sydney h2o Blasting. Preventative maintenance can reduce the vulnerability of your drainage system in the event of flooding. We are a leading

images-1provider of result-oriented pipeline maintenance programmes for residential, commercial, industrial and even public clients. We service several hundreds of customers every year across Sydney.

Our programmed maintenance services are apt for rental properties, shopping centres, big industrial locations and public facilities. They are ideal for high-risk systems, including ageing systems and systems subject to high human traffic, not well guarded against environmental hazards or regularly requiring call-outs for blockage removal.

With our drain camera inspection program, we can help property managers detect potential issues on time before they blow out of proportion. We also cleanse domestic sewers and storm water drains of debris and fat. Our de-silting service is ideal for keeping ducting, cable conduits, drains and sewers as well as process pipework in production settings in top-notch state and fully operational.

Pipe relining Sydney’s  range of maintenance applications also include root cutting and treatment, gross pollutant trap cleaning, manhole and pit cleaning, and emergency remediation. We can help you design a regular and effective maintenance program according to your needs.

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