Pipe Relining (Trench-less Pipe Repair) vs. the Traditional Method of Repair

Pipe Relining (Trenchless Pipe Repair) vs. the Traditional Method of Repair

A damaged or blocked pipe is usually a big source of worry for many homeowners. Such a problem can cause damage to a property or compromise the health of those living within the home when waste water starts to back up in drains. Worse still, a blocked drain or sewer pipe could potentially bring issues with authorities when allowed to get out of hand. In the past, pipe replacement was the only way to addressing blocked pipe issues.

However, a new approach called pipe relining or trench-less pipe repair is now gaining ground for rectifying these problems. So how do these two compare? You can get back to our homepage here.

Comparison of Pipe Relining vs replacement

Digging and excavation – It is virtually impossible to carry out a pipe replacement without having to do significant digging and excavation. Traditional method of pipe repair requires trenches to be dug to be able to carry out repairs, with this capable of causing major disruption. Pipe replacement causes significant damage to driveways, pathways and gardens. This is not the case with pipe relining, which only requires minimal digging to be done for repair work to be carried out. This newer method of repair does not cause significant damage to landscape.

Cost of drain relining – Traditional method of pipe replacement is labour intensive. This is understandable given the significant digging and excavation that will need to be done. Of course, labour hours are not provided for free. Add to labour costs money to be paid for materials and to get damaged landscape fixed afterwards and you have a significant bill on your hand.

Less digging and disruption means you save significant amount of money with pipe relining. The tube needed for this trench-less pipe repair also cost just a fraction of what you will have to pay for acquiring new pipes.

Duration of work – One of the reasons why pipe relining is increasingly becoming the preferred choice for pipe repair is the fast pace with which it gets jobs done. In the past, you will need to wait several weeks to get a plumber and several days or weeks more to get your job done. It is understandable when you consider the amount of work involved in traditional method of pipe repair.

But with pipe relining or trenchless pipe repair, jobs get done in a speedy and effective manner with tools like CCTV drain inspection. It is possible to have a pipe relining job completed in as little as one day. Isn’t that impressive? Little wonder more and more people are choosing this relatively new method of pipe repair.

Durability – It may be said that traditional method of pipe repair ensures more peace of mind for homeowners. This is because defective pipes are replaced with new ones. But then, it can be argued that pipe relining ensure similar durability as new pipes or even longer. In trench-less pipe repair, old pipes are not removed or excavated. A damaged pipe is cleaned and tubing is simply inserted inside it and inflated. The resin-covered tube is then allowed time to cure. In essence, you now have double pipes, meaning dual protection. Some liners have warranties of up to 50 years! Now, that is durable.

The comparison between pipe relining or trench-less pipe repair and traditional method of pipe repair hopefully has shown why the former is gaining ground by the day. There are even some plumbing companies now that deal principally in pipe relining.

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