Pipe Relining in the North Shore of Sydney

Sewer Pipe and Drain Relining Experts in North Shore

We offer professional sewer pipe and drain relining services for North Shore, Sydney, NSW, residents.

Repairing hard-to-see broken sewer and drain pipes in gardens or driveways can be a nightmare. At Sydney Pipe Relining Experts, we specialize in pipe relining North Shore services to restore residents’ drainage on their properties and help them avoid huge repair costs.

Our team of fully trained technicians has the skills, equipment, and years of experience to repair your drains and pipes with ease.

You no longer need to worry about spending money on tedious excavations when repairing your underground drains and pipes. Sydney Pipe Relining Experts utilize the latest pipe relining technology that won’t mess up your property.

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What Is Pipe Relining and Why Should You Have It Done at Your North Shore Property?

Pipe relining is the latest technology in the field of drain and sewer pipe repair.

We use this technology to permanently fix broken pipes without the need to dig trenches or carry out excavations.


We may also service pipe relining in the Eastern Suburbs.

The old method to fix a broken drain pipe involved experts digging trenches along the line before carrying out the repair or replacement. This action interfered with driveways, sidewalks, and gardens, and sometimes even damaged foundations. The effect of these types of repairs was permanent property damage, and expensive restoration works.

Today, as a leading North Shore company, Sydney Pipe Relining Experts uses modern plumbing technology like CCTV inspection to locate the blockage or break, and two-part epoxy resin to seal the pipe.

Upon identifying the broken part of the pipe, our relining specialists follow these steps:

  1. Drill a small keyhole opening into the pipe.
  2. Insert the lining into the pipe and inject it with epoxy resin.
  3. Insert a tight rubber bladder into the lining.
  4. Inflate the bladder until the resin sticks the lining to the old pipe.
  5. Remove the bladder.

The inner lining replaces the old broken pipe wall and fixes the problem. Call us today to learn more about our pipe relining North Shore services for your property.

How you can Benefit

Pipe relining has several benefits over traditional pipe repair. These include:

  • Convenience — This no-dig pipe repair service offers minimal disruption and low-level noise. And you’ll have your drainage and sewer system up and running within a shorter duration. It completes the job within a few hours rather than days or weeks like traditional pipe repair.
  • Cost-efficiency — Unlike traditional pipe repair, pipe relining is entirely no-dig, which means you don’t need to hire excavators or extra personnel. Since there’s no digging involved, you won’t need to hire landscapers after the job, which eliminates property restoration and landscaping costs.
  • Durable — Pipe relining uses epoxy resin to seal the broken parts. Resin is sturdy and superior when compared to standard PVC pipes and will serve you for a longer duration without requiring repairs. This material lasts up to 50 years.
  • Highly effective — Tree roots are a major cause of sewer- and drain-pipe problems as the roots grow aggressively and break drainage pipes, particularly at the joints. Pipe relining technology eliminates such issues through the introduction of joint-free connections, so you’ll rarely experience cracks and breaks in your sewer or drainage system.

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Pipe relining in the Northern Beaches of Sydney is also available.

Our goal is to satisfy every one of our customers by providing quality services that fit every budget while offering long term pipe relining solutions that protect the value of your North Shore property.

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