Pipe Relining Costs in Australia

Pipe Relining Costs Australia and what to Expect

You are probably reading this piece because you are having issues with pipes in your home and have heard that pipe relining will work wonders to rectify the problem. One question you may also be interested in finding answers for is: how much it costs to have sewer pipe relining done? If that is the case, you are in the right place.

Pipe relining and what you might need to spend

Let us start by briefly explaining what pipe relining is all about. It is a relatively recent technology that makes it possible to work on faulty pipes without having to do significant digging, demolition or excavation as is usually the case with traditional pipe replacement. Pipe relining is done by inserting a special tube covered in resin into a defective pipe and then inflating it.

Some areas may be more prone to heavy rain fall such as the Northern Beaches.

The tube increases in size as it is inflated and sticks tightly to the old pipe due to the presence of resin. When the tube is well inflated, it is then allowed to cure and the job is done! Very easy thing to do, you’d say. Pipe relining can help you cut as much as 50 percent off the money you will need to pay to have damaged pipes replaced with new ones. It also provides you something close to new pipes.

How much does pipe relining costs?

Now, to the main point of how much pipe relining costs in Australia. The thing here is that costs of this type of plumbing work vary from place to place and these differences can be quite significant. Prices of pipe relining can be quoted on either per foot or per meter basis. Pipe relining costs per foot can range from as low as about $75 to $250 or higher. Costs per metre can range from around $500 to about $1,200 or more. This is one of the price differences between trench less vs traditional pipe repair.

The fact you need to note here is that it is hard to give a specific amount you should expect to pay for a pipe relining project. No two projects are ever the same, so the amounts to be paid to get them done will differ. There are different factors that could influence how much you pay for pipe relining work. Here are few of them:

Diameter – The diameter of the faulty pipes on which work needs to be done has a role to play in determining how much you will be charge. If the diameter is small, it means less materials will be needed to get the job done and so the less the money to be paid. The reverse is the case for larger pipes.

Length – The length of the damaged pipe is also considered in determining pipe relining costs. The amount you pay will likely be lower when you have a longer pipe to work on than if you wish to have work done on just a short stretch of pipe.

Access – The ease of gaining access to a damaged pipe will be factored into how much you pay. For example, if digging will need to be done to reach the pipe, then you should expect to pay more than if that is not the case.

Competition – The number of pipe relining companies in your area will affect your charge. If you happen to live in an area where the number of such company is low, you should expect to pay more.

From the foregoing, it can be seen that pipe relining costs are not fixed. A number of factors come into play in determining how much you pay. But you still make significant savings from not having to go the way of complete pipe replacement.

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