Why we love Drain Cameras so much

What are the Best Uses for Drain Cameras?

Blocked drains can be quite worrisome an issue for homeowners. This is particularly more so given the fact that plumbing systems are commonly placed underground, making their regular inspections rather hard. So any sign of a blockage can be a real source of worry, as you may have no clue at all about what section of your sewer pipe repairs the problem originates from. Thankfully, advancement in technology has led to the introduction drain cameras to make this task of inspection a whole lot easier.

What is a Drain Camera?

This is a special camera that is used to make possible the visual inspection of areas in pipes that would otherwise have been impossible to access. The camera, which is connected to a visual screen, is sent into the drains for views of areas that are inaccessible by any other means. This helps to identify signs of problem in the internal portion of the pipes. These drain cameras employ fibre-optic technology. They are fixed at the tip of flexible fibre-optic cables, with lights also provided to illuminate the inside of pipes for problematic signs to be easily detected. This design makes it easy for the progress of the camera to be followed on a monitor to which it is attached.

Common Causes of Drain Blockage

A variety of factors can give rise to the problem of blocked drains, you might ask yourself why is my drain blocked? Among these are corroded or collapsed pipes. When pipes collapsed or become cracked, an obstruction that could hinder the flow of wastewater can thus be created. Some pipes that are not properly installed may settle into the ground and water may accumulate at the point as a result, possibly leading to back flow. In the case of metal pipes, wear and tear that is usual with age may lead to a blockage problem.

There are several other possible causes of drain blockage. What trees have non invasive roots and  can extend into drains or lines made of clay while in search of water thereby resulting in a blockage. At other times, the problem may arise as a result of accumulation of foreign objects such as toys, brick or food in drains. Grease and fat build-up in the pipes is also another possible cause of drain blockage.

Usefulness of Drain Cameras

Given the fact that several factors or causes can be responsible for a blockage in the drains, it could become tasking to tell the specific one at the center of this occurrence in your home. You may find it hard to determine if the causes are foreign objects, toiletries or cracked pipes. This may limit you to making guesses about what could be responsible and these may be far off the mark. A drain camera enables you identify the specific factor responsible for every incident of blockage.

Also, you will be better enabled to guard against a re-occurrence of the problem as a drain camera travels to different areas that could have been impossible to access through any other means. This helps you determine if there is a step that can be taken to fix the problem permanently such as having to replace defective pipes if those are detected to be the cause. The camera is also useful to confirm the complete elimination of a blockage after hiring someone for that purpose.

Drain cameras are equally advised for ongoing monitoring and maintenance of your plumbing system, and this included problems with septic tank systems. It makes it easy for you to identify signs of problems so that you can nip them in the bud before they occur. If you ever have a need to sell your home at any time in the future, you are likely to have a better idea of the value that regular camera inspection of the drains can add to your home.

Why worry your head unnecessarily trying to identify the exact causes of drain blockage in your home? Getting a drain camera can make your task of identifying the possible causes of this issue significantly easier. Regular camera inspection can save you from costly plumbing repair bills.

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