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video-pipeline-inspectionThe Top 5 Causes of Blocked Drains

Blocked  drains can be one of the most stress full problems to occur within the house. Toilets and sinks filling with bad smelling water can be extremely unpleasant not to mention the health problems that can come with it. Home owners who have not had to experience this problem seem to be a minority as blocked drains are a very common problem. The major reasons that blocked drains occur  are from 5 main major causes.

Make sure your aware of whats clogging up you drains so you can stop it happening, click here for more information  about the top 5 causes of blocked drains.




drain cameraWhat Are The Best Uses for Drain Cameras

Drain cameras are one of the most useful tools when is comes to blocked drains. Gone are the days when you need to dig up your whole garden trying to find a blocked drain. Thankfully a great advance in technology has led to the introduction a using a drain camera to find the position of the blocked drain.

The drain  camera is a camera connected to a  fiber optical cable that is connected to a monitor where you can see clearly down the drain. Attached to the fiber optical light which illuminates the pipes. A  drain camera is especially useful to identify the exact reason why the pipe is blocked and what is blocking it. You can be certain to find the exact factor causing the blocked drain. Click here for more information

 septic 2So, Why Do I Need a Septic Tank?

So why would I need a septic tank?

The main reason you would need a septic tank rather than connect to the sewer line is Location. If your home is in a rural or secluded area it can be the only viable option. There are many arguments for and against using a septic tank in an urban area. If you click through to our main article we will give you all the pros and cons of using a septic tank.

A septic tank is basically an underground tank made from concrete or steel. The waste water from your house will enter into the tank from one end and exit through the tank on the other end. All the heavy solid materials will sink to the bottom of the tank and the lighter  material fluid will rise to the top. The layer between these 2 is full of chemicals such as nitrogen and phosphorus as well as bacteria that are designed to treat the liquid. This water is then drain into the drain field where it soaks and is filtered and absorbed  into the ground.

 t2How to fix a blocked toilet, Like A Pro

So as many of you have already experienced a blocked toilet can be a very unpleasant problem. We have put together some basic steps to help you get through the next blocked toilet problem.

Rather than call an expensive plumber, there are a few basic steps you can undertake to solve the issue without waiting for a plumber for hours and days without a toilet and save money. There are some simple steps that can get you out of a very complicated situation  such as always having a toilet plunger hanger to give the toilet bowl a good plunging to loosen any foreign  matter that may have been blocking the drain. Another useful hint can be to have a metal coat hanger you can unwind, wrap in a towel and insert into the drain to unblock anything deeper into the drain. For a more detailed description, click here to see the full article.

Blocked Drain? Our Tips on how to fix a blocked drain 1

Having a sink back filling with dirty water from a blocked drain can be a very stressful situation within the house hold. My partner and I have been discussing what a bad problem a blocked drain can be for people who have never had to deal with it before. We have decided to publish the best tips available on how to fix a blocked drain with out the help from an expensive professional. There are a few basic tips we can give you that could help save you money and time.

One of the main causes of a blocked drain from with in the house can be a blocked drain trap. If a plunger does not seem to be fixing the problem a great tip is to place a bucket under the sink then remove the trap. You will likely see that the trap is blocked. To fix you only need to use a coat hanger to clean out the grease into bucket, then re-install the trap.

For more great tips on how to fix a blocked drain click here!




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