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5 Most Common Australian Plumbing Problems

5 Most Common Australian Plumbing Problems

Every now and then plumbers are called to deal with plumbing issues in homes and business places across Australia. These problems come in a wide variety of forms, but some of these issues are more common than others. We present five of the most common plumbing problems in Australia and brief tips on how to fix some of them.

1. Blocked toilets

This problem is so common that hardly a year passed by without some homeowners having it. A blocked toilet results when an obstruction has been created down in the pipe. Now this is one plumbing issue that many people cannot imagine themselves dealing with on their own; hence, the reason plumbers are usually called to deal with them. But if you are willing to try, a plunger can help you dislodge whatever is responsible for the blockage. You could also try a plumbing snake if you are getting nowhere with a plunger.

2. Slow-draining sinks

A sink that drains slowly is often a manifestation of problem in the drains. Hair tends to enter into a drain through bathroom sink, while grease and oil find their way into such from kitchen sink. These objects and substances accumulate and form clogs over time, with these inhibiting the free flow of water. The solution therefore lies in breaking through the obstruction thus created. Just as in the case of blocked toilets, a plunger can be used to dislodge obstructions. Grease-removing agent may also be used to eliminate build-up in the drains.

3. Leaky taps

Another common plumbing problem is that of leaky taps. The dripping sound can be rather annoying and, on top of that, such leaks add to your water bill. This problem is often down to a faulty washer, which could be caused by over-tightening of a tap. So you will need to remove the damaged washer and replace it with a new one. However, it is important to confirm relevant laws in your area, as do-it-yourself repairs on taps are prohibited in some places.

4. Hot water heater issues

Plumbers are also commonly sought to deal with problems involving hot water heaters. As years roll by, these heaters drop in effectiveness and start to have all sorts of issues. When these problems set in, heater replacement is sometimes unavoidable. It is not recommended to try fixing a hot water heater issue by yourself as doing so may void the manufacturer’s warranty.

5. Weak water pressure

Weak water pressure in the shower is a problem usually caused by calcium or lime build-up in the showerhead and one for which plumbers are regularly called to help deal with. But you may actually be able to remedy the problem on your own. You will need to take off the showerhead from the hose. Soak the head in a de-scaling solution for some time to remove the lime scale build-up.

Those are five of the most common plumbing problems in Australia that homeowners regularly have to deal with. It is possible for you to be able to do one or two things to correct some of these issues. But a skilled plumber is your best bet to resolving the issues since these professionals are also often still called to deal with do-it-yourself repair projects that went wrong.

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