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We utilise the most advanced technology in pipe relining. We can reline pipes of many shapes and sizes in your home or business.

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We offer pipe relining services for a existing pipe, an old pipe, damaged pipes or blocked drain. Trenchless pipe relining solves this problem. The old way involved digging up and excavating anything that sat above the pipe in order to access it for repair. Pipe relining involves using an epoxy relining substance to create a mould within a damaged pipe – essentially creating a new pipe within the existing one.

Why would you choose pipe relining work the traditional method of sewer pipe repair?

Its Stronger
The materials used for pipe relining are a lot stronger than your average PVC pipe (or anything else for a matter of fact) and its not uncommon for your newly relined sewer pipes to last up to 50 years life expectancy! (If they are done by relining specialists).
So what are these strong materials? Most of the time it will consist of Epoxy, Polyester, Silicate, Vinyl Ester and Resin. Other material may be used, depending on the individual situation.
Pipe relining is much stronger than traditional sewer pipes as they are without joints – and this means there is no way for those damaging tree routes to infiltrate the pipe ever again!
A Super Fast Job

Traditionally, sewer pipe repair was a long and gruelling process which meant your drains where unusable during this time. Pipe Relining has changed all of this, instead of waiting days (and sometimes weeks) we can get the job done in a matter of hours. Once we are finished for the day, you can resume using your drains, you may even forget that they were ever broken!

Pipe Relining in Sydney

What is it, and why is it superior to the old way of fixing sewer pipes?

Pipe relining is the latest technology in trenchless sewer pipe repair/replacement.

Over time, sewer pipes will become damaged and develop holes and cracks, and will need to be repaired or replaced in order to prevent VERY costly leakages. A very common cause of this is underground tree roots which will severely damage underground pipes over time.

The old way of fixing these pipes is very costly and messy – the pipes are dug up, and anything sitting above (including your beautiful garden or concrete footpaths) is destroyed in the process. The actual pipe would then be replaced where necessary.

Pipe relining has changed this hole process – its easier, faster and more affordable.There is no need for long and costly digging operations; the pipe is fixed (relined) from the inside, and the resulting pipe is more tough, and more durable than ever before.

How It Works

The Pipe Relining Process In A Nutshell



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5 Star service, professionalism and efficiency. Even though my situation was different they could still get the job done. Much appreciated.
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Greg Flarrety

PRS Sydney Client
The Pipe Relining Experts have never let me down – They show up on time and finish the job like professionals every time. They are my go-to Pipe Liners in Sydney.
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Alex Moore

Carpenter/Builder, Gosse Bro's Pty Ltd. Sydney
We were surprised and amazed by the speed and professionalism of the team and the work they performed – Thank you guys!

Janett and Adrian Hannerford

Janett and Adrian Hannerford, PRS Client
Sending our thanks to the Pipe Relining Experts Sydney for their terrific and and speedy pipe relining job on our property.
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Alex and Doug

PRS Client