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Top Causes of Blocked Drainsvideo-pipeline-inspection


Blocked drains can be real nuisance. If you have experienced or are experiencing such an issue you will certainly agree to that point of view.

I mean what is there to like about seeing your sinks and toilets filled with water that is unable to find an escape route from your home. These unpleasant sights are usually accompanied with foul odors that you are certain to find hard to cope with, possibly bringing health issues with them.

Homeowners that have not experienced or will never experience the problem of blocked drains are in the minority. What are causes of this issue and can pipe lining help solve it? 

Read on as we highlight some of these so that you can better guard against having your drains blocked. Sometimes, using drain cleaner just wont work, and this means you have a serious problem.


Foreign Objects Such As:

There are some objects that could easily be dropped down the drains in the home, albeit unintentionally. For example, objects or materials such as soap and jewellery can become lodged in the drains. It could well be a case of small children flushing everything they their hands on, including toys, down the toilet. You may be shocked to even learn some people also treat the toilets in their homes as dustbins where food is dumped. This can cause issues like leaking pipes in Parramatta. As it is to be expected, these objects lead to the problem of blocked drain.



blocked drain

Sometimes, the factors responsible for blocked drains are trees and leaves. Roots are known to always be in search of moisture or water sources to keep trees alive. In the process of this quest for moisture, these roots can head towards your drains, possibly cracking pipes and resulting in a blockage. Also in the autumn, an increase could be noticed in the amount of leaves falling off the trees around your home. These leaves can form a mass big enough to cause your drains to become blocked. Adequate attention should be given to ensure trees and leaves are kept in check.




This is another common cause of blocked drains. Hair falling of the body can build up gradually in the drains. Failure to nip this in the bud can lead to you having issues as it could prevent water from passing freely when the build-up becomes significant. Thankfully, there are steps that can be taken to prevent hairs from making their way into pipes. Devices are available that can be used to grab hold of hair before gaining entry into the drains.



blocked grease

It is important to watch greasy and fatty substances that are allowed to enter drains, as they could become problematic. This is particularly more so in the kitchen where oily or fatty substances form an integral part of most cooking done and substance remnants can be easily washed down the sink. The problem here is that grease and fat do not exactly exit the pipes as you might expect. They stick to the inside of the pipes and end up causing blocked drains when significant build-up results.

Grease and fat is also a very common cause of problems in septic tanks. Read more about septic tanks here, including information on why they are a great option for most homes.



 Also, among the possible causes of blocked drains are toiletries. It is not a new phenomenon to see people flushing nappies and baby wipes down the toilet. This is not a good thing to do. As you may have observed, nappies become swollen when immersed in water as a result of absorption. This should give you an idea of what happens when they are allowed to enter the drains. Also, baby wipes are not like toilet rolls that can easily disintegrate when immersed in water and as such can get stuck in the pipes thereby resulting in a blockage.


There you have five of the most common causes of blocked drains in the home. Being aware of these, you should endeavor to make sure that some of the problematic factors mentioned are guarded again. Blocked drains are neither pleasant to the sight nor are they friendly to the health of the people in their proximity. If you happen to notice that your drains have become clogged for any reason whatsoever, you should not waste time before seeking the assistance of an expert in this area. The first step to identifying the cause is using a drain camera.

If blocked drains are something you are dealing with, or even worse, broken sewer pipes, you may need professional help. If your looking for pipe relining Sydney.

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